There is no price for kitty luck and happiness!

Kitty Muffins are all 100% handmade. From beginning to end, there is time, attention to detail and plenty of love given to each and every Kitty Muffin to make him/her very unique.

The following is a the pricing breakdown for adopting your very own Kitty Muffin:

Original Kitty Muffins: The Kitties are the basic type of muffins, they are kitty muffins that are orphans and are ready to get adopted to a new home, OR they are basic kitties that are more au natural.  $45 per Kitty Muffin

Accessorized Kitty Muffins: These Kitties are a bit more posh, they are orphans that have a few extras to make them a little more unique than the original kitty. $55 per Kitty Muffin

Bake Your Own Kitty Muffin: These Kitties are baked upon order. They will come alive and are personalized based on your vision. click here to download the form.  $65 per Kitty Muffin

Accessories: If there is an original Kitty Muffin you adore you can always make him/her a bit more custom by requesting accessories. $5 per accessory type (ex: hats, glasses, custom headgear)

All Kitty Muffins are made of only the finest ingredients:

  • 1 Cup of love
  • 1 Cup of yummy muffin filling
  • 1 Top of Soft Fur (combed once a day)
  • Lovingly hand sewn with matching color thread and filled with soft polyfill.


Your Kitty Muffin will arrive with a few extra goodies:

  • 1 Chinese zodiac lucky coin (based on your Bday)
  • 1 Name tag with background and information about your unique Kitty Muffin
  • 1 chinese takeout box, hand selected for your Kitty Muffin to travel in style.

*Note that all boxes are different designs, usually to match up with your unique Kitty Muffin.

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