Chuy & Pancho

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Coffee “Mexican” Kitty Muffin (Pancho’s twin brother)

Chuy is a mountain Kitty.
He enjoys traveling the countryside and playing his guitar along the long winding paths.
He loves to eat churros and tamales with salsa picante.
He doesn’t speak a lot, but when it does its soft and filled with wisdom.

*ADOPTED* (Huntington Beach, CA)

Lemon Bundt Cake “Mexican” Kitty Muffin (Chuy’s Twin Brother)

Pancho loves his tequila, tacos, and margaritas.
Unlike his great-grandfather Pancho Villa, this kitty prefers his siesta over a revolutionary Life.
Pancho brings you peace with his lemony persona, but make sure you lock up your Patron when he visits.

*ADOPTED* (Huntington Beach, CA)

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