The gift of meowy love

home_imgWelcome to our Kattery, KatnipKafe is the place to find freshly baked Kitty Muffins!

These sweet little kitties love to snuggle and bring you luck. Sometimes we have orphans in the Kafe, but usually these kitties are snapped up pretty quickly! take a look around and meet some of our adopted Kitties, or bake your own! :)

Kitty Muffins” are creations born from the mind of crafter vixen Shadoukat. They are all carefully hand made and every little detail hand picked for every Kitty Muffin to have it’s own look, personality, scent and overall characteristics. Each Kitty Muffin is unique in every way.. from the idea, to the creation process, to the delivery. Each name is carefully selected and all stories are based on the personality that Shadoukat sees while living with the Kitty Muffin itself for a few days.

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